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Financial Collapse

A financial collapse is now more of a reality that anyone would like to admit or believe. Money is hemorrhaging out of the US treasury at an alarming rate. As of FEB 2013 the US Govt was borrowing $3.6 BILLION dollars a day as stated by Sen Alan Simpson (WY) on CNBC.

In a country where almost 80% of the population is on some kind of prescribed medication, it is difficult to see how this volume of money will ever be repaid.

As most of you know on the 31st DEC 2012 the US Govt barely avoided a complete financial meltdown. The European debt crisis is on the brink of disaster due to socialistic hand out mentality.

How much longer the global economy will be propped up remains to be seen especially since the extremely alarming recent events of the MARCH 2013 Cyprus financial bail out which saw a Cyprus Bank simply confiscated private bank accounts to make up the deficit which allowed the European Eurogroup Bank to keep the Cyprus Bank from going insolvent. WAIT ... it gets worse. Look out USA... you are next.

The Dutch Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem is the president of the Eurogroup - an organization of eurozone finance ministers that was instrumental in putting together the Cyprus "deal" - and he has said publicly that what has just happened in Cyprus will serve as a blueprint for future bank bailouts. This includes banks in the USA, UK, Europe and any other country where a bank is in financial trouble for gambling away their financial reserves on bubble investments.


DO not keep all of your money in just one bank account.


Originally paper money was printed at 1:1 until a clever banker realized that the people who deposited their gold into his bank, rarely, if ever, removed or traded the gold. So based on the fact that the general public did not know the real value of the gold in the banks vaults, this banker decided that he could print money at a higher ratio than he actually had physically stored in his bank.

The standard ratio for this was 10:1 so you would have $10 in paper money to $1 in gold.

With countries like the USA printing money way beyond the 10:1 gold ratio (especially if the gold base has been inflated with tungstun) and no one to effectively check, monitor or audit the actual production volume, it seems like it will not be long before fractal loans lead to fractured countries.

Federal Reserve Banks

Remember that 10:1 "gold rate to paper money" is basically a Gentlemans Agreement and there is nothing stopping countries printing 100:1 or 1,000:1 or even 1,000,000:1 or more dollars to gold ratio.

Remember that the Federal Reserve Banks earn a percentage in ongoing interest for every dollar they print (euro, yen, ruble etc) so it is in their own financial interest (and our detriment) for them to print as much money as possible.

REMEMBER that in 2012 the American Federal Reserve "LOST" $9 TRILLION dollars.

Now (2013-AUG-15) it is claimed that the USA is in debt in excess of $70 TRILLION USD.

Long Term NWO

By destroying the "base" value of money per se, it would be much easier for a super government to step in and offer a "credit" system which would be monitored electronically as it would require every participant of this monetary process to be effectively issued electronic "credits".

It appears that the effluent controlling the banks want to financially crush as many affluent countries as possible and then convert all tradable currencies into gold etc, then extract this from "the people" via some kind of global conflict or pandemic after which the majority of us will be Eugenicided. The majority of the rest will be turned into drones.

Bartering would become a crime the same way they tried to implement the (s510) Bill (USA) where normal people can be jailed and lose their house and children for growing any kind of fruit or vegetable.

To make matters worse, can you imaging how much chaos an EMP attack would cause if we ever get to this level of Government?

What these mindlessly stupid people do not realize is that this has all happened before, like Solomon said, there is nothing new under the sun.

Foreign Currencies

Many foreign currencies are pegged against the US$, so if the US Dollar takes a bullet in the ass, many other countries will also become unstable and panic will ensure.

The reason I am telling you this is because if there is a US$ financial collapse, it will have much further reaching consequences around the world that most people realize and as such, will be more protracted than most people realize.

IF a financial collapse occurs, money will be useless, just look at the economy in Zimbabwe in 2009-2012. You have "100 TRILLION Dollar Notes" which are almost worthless ($300 USD and falling with fakes from china being sold on ebay for $5 - what a shock huh).Preppers Newsletter

Do You Trust Your Federal Reserve Bank?

The video on the right tells you how the US FED lost $9 TRILLION 11 years after 9/11 - interesting coincidence.

US politician Alan Grayson [1] [2] [3] [44] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] etc etc (Pls ignore the D/R badges and listen to his questions.)

Why would the Federal Reserve cause a Financial Collapse?

A Reserve bank orchestrated financial collapse would allow those controlling the Federal Reserves to force people into converting their wealth into Gold and other precious metals. This allows these metals to be consolidated into more easily accessible central locations.

Then a new unit of money would be issued which would be credits and people with gold etc could buy "bonus" credits by trading in their gold.

Short Term v's Long Term

In the event of a short term financial collapse you will most probably see a rallying by your Govt to restore credibility in the currency which is usually done via their Gold Reserves (usually) or more simply, they will just print more money and lie about the situation. I for one am in shock at such a suggestion :)

How successful this "bailout" will be will completely depend upon the architect of the recovery plan, and who carries it out.

If your reserve bank gets involved (especially in the USA) then you will ultimately be completely screwed, it will just take a bit longer. You need to understand how the Reserve Bank works (often called the ReVERse bank because this is what it ultimately does to your economy).

In the event of a Long Tern Financial Collapse, you will see communities, cities and states start printing their own money as happened before the American Civil War when it is estimated that over 8,000 different currencies existed within the USA alone. As a WARNING: taking these "notes" or coins outside their target area will often be financially fatal to the note holder as they will be devalued or even useless outside their own community.

How Likely Is This To Happen?

There are many things which may cause a financial collapse, many of which the average person does not even know about.

Since the US economy is the linchpin for many other economies around the world, we will start with the USA.

Any of the following may end up being responsible for a US meltdown.

  • Solar EMP
  • Nuclear EMP
  • Nuclear strike (retaliation or pre-emptive)
  • derivatives so numerous that you could potentially give 1 to every amoeba on the planet
  • The discovery that the gold "bricks" at fort knox and other repositories has significantly been replaced by gold covered tungsten
  • Reserve bank orchestrated (or-castrated) financial collapse - yet again via the arms length banking system
  • Foreign dept
  • Substantial and Sustained interest rate rise
  • The Federal Reserve creating money like junk bonds (the "Tovarich" did this and look what happened to Russia)
  • Oil collapse - no oil, no trucks to transport food
  • The American WAR machine which never seems to get enough $$$ is like a termite plague in your house
  • China (and others) recall of US Treasury Bonds (effectively dumping their US dept portfolio)
  • Massive and aggressive virus epidemic
  • Electrical grid failure // Most people do not realize that without electricity they would be crapping in the forest next to bears - literally - This can be completely separate from any EMP attack
  • Food inflation // like what happened in Zimbabwe - 1 loaf of bread == $1 million. Zimbabwe has $100 TRILLION dollar notes
  • Zero responsibility by Company Directors who still get multi million dollar pay outs even after they have destroyed the lives of hundreds of thousands of hard working "Joes" - Remember the game called "The straw that breaks the camels back" (if you are old enough)
  • Drug saturation // prescription and illegal // drug saturation creates people who cannot work at potential (plastic people) and thus cause a dramatic decrease in production and productivity

For Europe you have some similar but mostly different problems;

  • Solar EMP
  • Nuclear EMP
  • Foreign debt
  • European Commission (Catherine Ashton) donations to countries like "CHINA" (which spends over one hundred and thirty Billion dollars a year on its military) regardless of the reason // anyone with a modicum of intelligence would have to ask WHY? (the word kick-back comes to mind)
  • Countries like Greece and their blackhole budget strategies
  • Italy and Spain
  • Oil collapse
  • Electrical grid failure
  • Food inflation
  • Refugees past saturation point
  • Massive and aggressive virus outbreak
  • Substantial and Sustained interest rate rise
  • The EU accumulation of ex-soviet bloc countries which still believe in social handouts

... these are just a few of the reasons.

Many people claim that the US$ "Cannot" be devalued because it is not "pegged" against any other currency, however, the US dollar like currency in most other countries is supposedly a reflection on that countries gold reserves, even though the rate is supposed to be 10 : 1.

The US$ is no longer "pegged" against the gold reserve which effectively makes the gold reserve strategically obsolete. This potentially leaves the gold reserve "open" for exploitation. The TUNGSTUN gold bricks are a pure example of this.

In the USA, the FEDERAL RESERVE has the ability to literally PRINT US$ far in excess of the 10 to 1 ratio ($1 of gold to $10 in paper notes). Some claim that this ratio may currently be in excess of 10's of thousands of "paper dollars" for every real $1 in actual gold.

Guess what caused the "Great Depression" in the 1920's? Apart from the fact that it was deliberately manipulated by the elite bankers.

That said, gold is still important and if another country (A) wishes to "claim" a debt owed to them by country (B) then country (B) is obliged to repay that debt even if it means surrendering its gold reserves to do so.

Imagine how country (A) would feel if they find out that the gold bricks were gold plated tungstun? I am sure that they may be a little less than happy.

With the above scenario in place, Treasury Bonds are not worth the elaborate ink on the paper they are printed on.


Gold Bricking

Most of you are not aware but there is a serious rumour going around the world that during the Clinton Admin (circa 1996), an estimated (at least) 640,000 solid gold bricks sent to fort knox, were in fact gold "plated" tungstun bricks.

Whether or not this rumour is true, it is certainly doing a lot of damage to the US economy (and thereby the world economy) simply because this rumour is allowed to persist.

Follow Up 2013: According to various newspaper reports, these Tungstun coated Gold Bricks have turned up in Europe, the UK, Dubai and other countries. How long this can be covered up before it unravels the US economy is anyones guess.

See the stories here.

So based on the above scenario, plus the fact that China is the second biggest buyer of US Treasury Bonds and can call in this Marker when ever they want, I would say that a financial nightmare is very likely.

Couple this with the Hopi Indian legends which say that the US Govt will give up land to China (most probably the gold, mineral, oil and diamond rich Alaska) and you have an explosive mixture.

The reason that Alaska is more of a target than say Australia, is because Alaska is almost virgin territory, there is tons of undiscovered gold literally everywhere and so many other completely untapped resources, it would make your head spin.

Another part of the world which is massively saturated with gold and other minerals is the northern part of South America.

What Can I Do?

It is recommended that you convert some of your paper money into gold and silver. Not coins.

My personal thoughts are that buying minted "coins" is a waste of money. This is my personal opinion and I will explain in the following sentences.

If you have a completely destroyed economy, then people will only be interested in the raw gold or silver because to most people who ain't that bright, they have no way of knowing the real value of antiques or old coins.

They will just want the Gold or Silver and stuff the rest.

Buying coins is warm and fuzzy emotional crap based on "todays normal society's" value of these metals and assuming that these will be valuable in the future IF there is a future and these coins are still around.

When the Shi-ite hits the fan you will see just how quickly people will turn feral and you will also see an amazing amount of con-men and women appear as if by magic.

Best Case Scenario


In the best case scenario, there will be a "fix" within a few months and you will be able to buy stuff again.

After 3 months at least half your neighbors will be dead if the population riots.

Worst Case Scenario

The collapse goes for longer than 6 months. Millions will die of starvation, 10's of millions more are killed by hungry mobs.

The population riots and martial law is implemented.


My recommendation (which is not possible for everyone) is to make yourself as self-sufficient as possible.

Apart from stock piling food, powdered food which just needs water will keep you going for months, Have several hundred tablets per person of spirulina [buy] or Grow your own Spirulina which will act as a natural health tablet.

LEARN YOUR ASS OFF - I am extremely serious.

Learn how to : Grow food organically, cook, about hygiene, store seeds, how to shoot, make traps, fish, make shelters for hot and cold weather (what is a cold "sink"?).

Basically, instead of watching some crap baseball or football game which will actually be of less than ZERO value to you when you and your family are starving, start watching and start actually buying and reading survival books.

LEARN how to survive.

Most of you have never watched someone die of hunger, I have and it still distresses me to this day (over 30 years later) that I did not offer him some food. I walked about 150 yards (meters) from a beggar and then decided to go back and give him some money. By the time I had returned, he had died, literally fallen over dead. I had missed a rare opportunity to save a persons life. I have never forgiven myself for that event to this day.

I want you to imagine how you will feel when you are looking at your family, your children or loved ones starving to death. You really need to put this into perspective as a real possibility. Football will suddenly seem a very far off second but it will be too late by that stage.

Hiding Money

Please be aware how stupid it is to hide money on your property by digging a hole and burying your gold or silver.

Any dunce with a metal detector can easily come along and "discover" your cache, or even just look for the "patches" in your grass which look different (because they were recently dug up).

NWO Spin

IF there is a concerted offense by the New World Order as many are saying and IF the USA manages to remain unaffected after the crisis and IF there is an amalgamation of countries, (Canada, USA, Mexico etc) then your old paper money will be useless since the new government will bring in a new standardised currency reflecting the union of countries.

It appears that there are 3 major players in the NWO.

  • The Masons, Illuminati and Skull & Bones and their affiliates in Europe and the USA
  • The Russian mafia and their massive unprecedented grip on Europe
  • The Chinese

Instead of all of this testosterone fueled pissing on trees these 3 organizations are engaged in, perhaps they should look ahead at what will be left after they destroy the planet.

What is interesting is that these groups will fight it out to see who the winner will be.

Nothing but cave people...

These people will be forced to go underground like their opposition and after irradiating the planet with nuclear fallout, these people will have to live in their bunkers for 10, 20, 30 years or longer, after which time, their EYES and SKIN will be completely unable to return to the surface and they will be forced to remain as troglodytes (or as HG Wells called them: Morlocks) so that the sun does not fry their skin and eyes.

At this point, let us hope that Edward Bulwer-Lytton is wrong and those who currently reside below us, do not come to the surface and destroy what is left of humanity as they promised.

History Lesson

When Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo in June 1815, Nathan Rothschild had one of his many spies deliver him the news almost 1 day before the rest of England knew what was happening.

On the morning his messenger arrived in England with the sealed envelope, Nathan Rothschild calmly started "selling consoles" or paper money as fast as he could without showing any sign of emotion. Soon, everyone was selling their consoles for whatever they could get in gold or other commodities.

After several hours of frenzied selling, Nathan had his "agents" start buying the now worthless "consols" for penny's on the dollar.

When the news of Napoleons defeat finally arrived in London, many people realized that they had been conned out of their life's savings. But it was too late. This would not be the last time that bankers would crash the economy for personal gain.


There will be very little the average person can do if they do not have a stockpile of food for at least 6 months and the ability to grow more. You will not be able to GO out and get food in case looters come to your house and attack your family.Preppers Newsletter

If there is a financial collapse, having money, gold, silver or other precious metals will not get you very far.

Just think of Zimbabwe. The guy on the right is going out to get a loaf of bread and a pint of milk.


Stay hidden as long as you can.

Start learning about Aquaponics and Hydroponics. This is the easiest ways to feed your family.

Most people who are bunkered in will SHOOT FIRST and then shoot again.

Powdered food will be your easiest asset.

It just needs water and you can effectively eat 5 - 10 times less and get the same nutrient value.

This means that 1 tablespoon of vegetable powder mixed with 1 tablespoon of protein powder mixed with water (or milk) will give you the nutritional equivalent of 10 - 20 times that amount in food you would normally chew.

This is because most people do not chew their food efficiently and most of the nutrient passes straight through them in chunks.

Also have plenty of powdered fruit for a sugar fix if you are working outside all day.


As many of you know, almost every major bank is incestuously involved with every other major bank.

William Black shows you how a major bank in Ireland can help destabilize the German economy which in turn directly affects the American banks and the people at the bottom of the food chain.

William Black on PBS with Bill Moyes
William Black and the Irish Bank Exposure

Also this video 58:30 minutes
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