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Economic Collapse Preppers

2013-SEP-27 19:00 PM by for Preppers Newsletter


Many people think that Preppers who are focused on an economic collapse are not being very realistic.

What do YOU think?

By the end of this page, you will see that Preppers who are focused on an economic collapse are fully justified.

Lets look at a few facts shall we.

Just HOW realistic is an economic collapse in the United States?


Many people simply Re-Print news items without really checking if there are different stories or even if the stories are true.

Considering HOW MUCH the media is controlled these days, I feel that we ALL need to be more diligent and proactive in our REPEATING "stuff".

1 story doing the rounds is the amount of National Debt the United States has incurred.

Most people usually reprint $16.0 TRILLION and people generally go OOO AHHH.


But what if it was much higher that this amount?


Regie Bumstead proclaimed the day before 9/11 that 2.3 TRILLION was MISSING - then everyone promptly forgot this small fact 24 hours later. Impecible timing, what???

Then in 2010 another $9 TRILLION went missing (did you know THAT?)

People like Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Blake Sawyer, Joel Skousen, Sen Alan Simpson (WY) and many others who are aware of the problems but they rarely get air time.

As of FEB 2013 the US Govt was borrowing $3.6 BILLION dollars a day as stated by Sen Alan Simpson (WY) on CNBC and now (2013-AUG-15) it is claimed that the USA is in debt in excess of $70 TRILLION USD.


Just how much IS the US in DEBT???

There is also this article which is interesting.

Check yourself here

and it may actually be much worse.

1 x Thousand = 1,000
1 x Million = 1,000,000
1 x Billion = 1,000,000,000
1 x Trillion = 1,000,000,000,000

or put it like this, $1 TRILLION == a STACK of $1,000 bills approx. 67.9 MILES high. (approx 107 Kms)

There is NO breathable oxygen at this altitude. What a coincidence?

If you think about 70 times the above amount, it kind of leaves you breathless as well.

Good Night and Sweet Dreams.

BTW - What does one TRILLION dollars look like?

Lets start with a $100 dollar bill. Almost everyone has seen one.
Preppers Newsletter
A packet of one hundred $100 bills is less than 1/2" thick and contains $10,000 worth of currency.
Preppers Newsletter
$1 million dollars or 100 packets of $10,000 US dollars.
Preppers Newsletter
$100 Million US dollars.
Preppers Newsletter
$1 BILLION dollars.
Preppers Newsletter
$$$ONE TRILLION dollars.
Preppers Newsletter
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